ST-430 2+1  Automaticlly Mattress Production Line

2019-06-01 13:35


ST-430 2+1 combined full-automatic bed net production line is used to produce double-cone spring bed net. The spring bed net can be directly produced from the steel wire fed without manual spring retraction and spring arrangement. The equipment first sends the steel wire into two different spring coiling machines, which coil the steel wire into a spring, and then alternately enters the conveying device. The spacing between the spring and the spring is automatically calculated and accurately positioned by the PLC controller, and then the robot hand on the conveying device replaces the manual hand to grab the spring in turn and then automatically sends it to the spring coiling machine for intelligent arrangement, so as to realize the spring coiling up and down at the same time and automatically cut the spring coiling wire, The two ends are knotted and automatically pushed to form a bed net. The structure of the spring conveying part is simple and scientific. It uses 22 servo motors and network bus communication to give different action instructions on each part of the four machines, so as to achieve consistent work, accurate positioning, good stability, and effectively improve the speed of the production bed net.

The advantages of ST-430 2+1 combined fully automatic bed net production line and ordinary single line 1+1 bed net production line are reflected in the following points:

1、 The production speed of 140-160 springs per minute has exceeded the production speed of all such equipment on the domestic market and greatly improved the production efficiency.

2、 The bed net can be set in different regions, and the soft and hard can be switched and adjusted according to the needs of customers.

For example:

1: One machine and one row Φ 2.0 steel wire, made by one machine Φ 2.4 The steel wire can be alternately strung, or the interleaving arrangement can be arbitrarily changed according to your needs.

Preferably: the above method can save the weight cost of steel wire produced by the bed net without affecting the overall quality of the bed net.

2: One machine has one row of caliber Φ 80, one machine for caliber Φ 95. You can alternately string the network or change the interleaving arrangement according to your own needs.

Preferred: The above methods can make the soft and hard areas of the bed net significantly different in the same bed net, so as to improve the sleep quality of people sleeping on it.

3: One machine is used for waist diameter Φ 30, waist diameter of one machine Φ 60. You can alternately string the network or change the interleaving arrangement according to your own needs.

Preferably: In addition to saving the weight cost of the steel wire made of the bed net without affecting the overall quality of the bed net, the above method can also have obvious differences in the soft and hard areas of the same bed net, which makes the spine, waist and other different parts of the person stretch accordingly, thus improving the sleep quality of the person sleeping on it.

3、 In terms of equipment operation, maintenance and functions, there are obvious advantages compared with the ordinary single-line 1+1 bed net production line, which are reflected in the following points:

For example:

1: You can switch between two spring coiling machines in use, and control the working mode of any one of the two machines as you like.

2: If one spring coiling machine can not be used due to failure, the other spring coiling machine can continue to be used independently, and the speed can also be increased independently, and 1+1 single line can work independently. After the other spring coiling machine is eliminated, it can be switched to use immediately, and the continuous work can be carried out alternately.

3: Add the defects of such equipment in China and provide solutions:

For example:

Ⅰ; Waste spring detection (for the spring that is not knotted or quenched, the equipment will give an alarm and stop when it is detected)

Ⅱ; Empty spring alarm (effectively solve the problem of missing spring string)

Ⅲ; It can realize one positive and one negative spring buckle, switch around at will, and discharge face to face (effectively solve the problem of diagonal angle of bed net)

Ⅳ; The spring combination made by two spring machines is used to prepare the bed net, and the parameters such as caliber, wire diameter and waist diameter can be switched at will (effectively solve the problem of non-standard length, width and height)

Main technical parameters

Spring Type
100 Sheets/8Hours(1800mm*2000mm)
Coiler Speed
Max Width
Spring Caliber
Spring Wire Diameter
Assembling wire Diameter
Spring Height
Work Power
380V 3Phase, 50-60HZ, 12KVA
(Option: 415-480V, 220V )

Remark:Specification can be customed